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  • Primitive/Yoga Kits

    The primitive slackline is the genesis of it all, where it all started years ago in the Yosemite Valley.

    Balancing Earth has primitive kits best suited for lines up to 100' in length. Once you've progressed to the point of walking 75-100 ft and doing some pose variations come back and we will help equip you for a longline rig. Our kits are available in all 3 of our tubular slackline webbings and YogaSlackers famous eLine slackline webbing as well

    There is a growing number of slackliners around the world that have integrated yoga and are doing whole practices on the line. This is another way the founder of Balancing Earth Ryan Saddler became so enthralled in the art of balance. By combining these to arts into one is a great way to spend your time, and who knows maybe something will come from it.
  • Beginner Slacklines

    Slacklining is a great activity to share with your friends, it is also something that can be done as a practice and used to enhance on one's mind and body.
    Everyone has to start somewhere. You can't just hope on a 200m longline with grace, practice leads to perfection. But don't worry Balancing Earth Slacklines will get you there! We currently have two options to offer for beginners; our 1" primitive and our 2" beginner line.

    For those who already have a sense of balance or have maybe tried this before we like to recommend the 1" primitive with 80' of webbing. The 1" primitive is also for those who already know they want to progress into longlining or even highlining.

    For those who are new to the sport and have only seen it and want to try, we offer the 2" beginner line. The 2" beginner is also the line for people that are acrobatic and may want to eventually progress into doing tricks and more advanced moves.
  • Tricklines

    Tricklining is the form of slacklining where 2-inch webbing is tightened between two fixed points using heavy duty ratchets. This aspect of slacklining is definitely the most fun to watch. With big name sponsors putting on events/competitions bringing in thousands of spectators, you won't want to miss out on a chance to see it for yourself. Tricklining is what brought slacklining out from an esoteric group in the climbing community and plowed it straight into the mainstream.
  • Longline Kits

    Longlining is a form of slacklining reaching greater lengths of 100 feet in distance. On many levels, longlining is more challenging than the primitive slackline. More force is required to reach the tension needed to walk on lines between 100 to 1,000+ ft in length. Primitive techniques and ratchets systems are no longer capable of withstanding the tension of a longline. To reach your desired tension you then need to use the block and tackle pulley system. The most common in slacklining is the 5:1 block and tackle pulley system. The 5:1 rig is great for lengths up to 400 ft but after that, you need more mechanical advantage such as the 6:1 and the 9:1 pulley system.

    When tensioning longlines you also have to raise the anchors (ie. 6-8 ft. for 300 ft lines). You still want the middle of the line as close to the ground as possible without grounding out. Increasing the anchors' height also raises the mental and safety factors. Falling from these heights is something that can only be perfected by experience and practice. Crash pads are never a bad idea for the beginner.

    Our Longline Kits are built with well engineered, high-efficiency pulleys to provide the most mechanical advantage. The more the pull counts the less effort to get to the desired tension which equals more time on the line.