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The primitive slackline is the genesis of it all, where it all started years ago in the Yosemite Valley.

Balancing Earth has primitive kits best suited for lines up to 100' in length. Once you've progressed to the point of walking 75-100 ft and doing some pose variations come back and we will help equip you for a longline rig. Our kits are available in all 3 of our tubular slackline webbings and YogaSlackers famous eLine slackline webbing as well

There is a growing number of slackliners around the world that have integrated yoga and are doing whole practices on the line. This is another way the founder of Balancing Earth Ryan Saddler became so enthralled in the art of balance. Combining these two arts into one practice is a great way to spend your time, while exercising both your mind and body.