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Longlining is a form of slacklining reaching greater lengths of 100 feet in distance. On many levels, longlining is more challenging than the primitive slackline. More force is required to reach the tension needed to walk on lines between 100 to 1,000+ ft in length. Primitive techniques and ratchets systems are no longer capable of withstanding the tension of a longline. To reach your desired tension you then need to use the block and tackle pulley system. The most common in slacklining is the 5:1 block and tackle pulley system. The 5:1 rig is great for lengths up to 400 ft but after that, you need more mechanical advantage such as the 6:1 and the 9:1 pulley system.

When tensioning longlines you also have to raise the anchors (ie. 6-8 ft. for 300 ft lines). You still want the middle of the line as close to the ground as possible without grounding out. Increasing the anchors' height also raises the mental and safety factors. Falling from these heights is something that can only be perfected by experience and practice. Crash pads are never a bad idea for the beginner.

Our Longline Kits are built with well engineered, high-efficiency pulleys to provide the most mechanical advantage. The more the pull counts the less effort to get to the desired tension which equals more time on the line.

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Longline Multiplier Kit Longline Multiplier Kit

The Longline Multiplier from Balancing Earth gives added mechanical advantage to your longline base set up. This is a 3:1 multiplier, so if added to a 5:1 pulley system it will triple the mechanical advantage giving you a 15:1 pulley system. Our longline multiplier helps reduce the energy put into tightening the line giving you more energy to put on the line.

You can add this to your existing set up or click the check box here to add to an Archimedes Longline Kit.

Price: $166.15
BElight Slackline System BElight Slackline Pulley System

The BElight Slackline Pulley System is a compact system was built with effeciency, weight and budget in mind. At just over 6 pounds this system won't break your back. Even with it's compact size you can easily rig 300 ft.

Webbing and Anchors not included..

Price: $359.95
BElong Slackline Pulley System BElong Slackline Pulley System

The BElong Slackline Pulley System is a step up from our BElight Pulley system. Still a lightweight system the BElong gives a bit more efficiency (97%) and added strength when needed. If you're walking T-18 at 300ft or Polyester lines up to 400 ft this system BElongs to you.

Built with high quality parts and offering multiple anchor points this system is extremely versatile. With the multi anchors design your backup possibilities are endless.

Webbing and Anchors not included..

Price: $433.65
Archimedes V Slackline System The Archimedes V Slackline System

The Archimedes V Slackline Pulley System is our largest 5:1 pulley system.
Named after the man who created the block and tackle pulley this system is THE Longline Rig! Slackliners have trusted the 3" SMC pulleys for years. Their mechanical advantage with 130 ft of static rope gives you a system for lines up to 500 ft.

Webbing and Anchors not included..

Price: $568.45