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Slacklining is a great activity to share with your friends, it is also something that can be done as a practice and used to enhance on one's mind and body.
Everyone has to start somewhere. You can't just hope on a 200m longline with grace, practice leads to perfection. But don't worry Balancing Earth Slacklines will get you there! We currently have two options to offer for beginners; our 1" primitive and our 2" beginner line.

For those who already have a sense of balance or have maybe tried this before we like to recommend the 1" primitive with 80' of webbing. The 1" primitive is also for those who already know they want to progress into longlining or even highlining.

For those who are new to the sport and have only seen it and want to try, we offer the 2" beginner line. The 2" beginner is also the line for people that are more acrobatic and may want to eventually progress into doing tricks and more advanced moves.

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BEginners 2" Slackline Kit BEginners 2" Slackline Kit

When we first started Balancing Earth we intended to be a primitive and longline supplier only. However, with an effort to reach a wider audience a simpler system seemed to address the needs of beginners and those daunted by carabiners and pulleys. The ratchet system was a perfect candidate as it requires minimal effort to achieve the desired tension.

This system uses what's known as the choker method. The sling on the ratchet wraps around the anchor and you feed the ratchet through the sewn loop. Thus choking the anchor. This is fine on a beginners line where you are using it to learn to walk, core exercises, ankle therapy or for kids play lines. However, a choker method reduces the strength and is not recommended for use in tricklines. Slacklining can be different for everyone. You may be a slackliner, longliner, trickliner, yoga slacker, or a highliner but being on the line is what matters.

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