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Solo2 Ascender from CAMP Solo2

This super light ascender is perfect for your multipier added to any of the Balancing Earth Tension Systems or to add in the system you're currently using.

Price: $59.95
Pilot Handled Ascender from CAMP Pilot Handled

The Pilot handled ascender from CAMP makes putting tension on your line easy and rope burn free. The Pilot handled ascender comes in either left or right handed to be specific in your needs. Whether you use this for your slackline or ascending a fixed line the Pilot is a great choice.

Price: $69.95
Sterling Prusik Sterling 6mm x 13.5" Prusik

The Sterling Prusik is a great tool for your gear bag. Made from 6mm accessory cord sewn and sealed creating a 13.5 inch loop.

The Sterling prusik makes a great rope grab for a lightweight multiplier in your longline pulley system

Price: $9.95
Bluewater Prusik BlueWater 6.5mm x 11 in Prusik

This Short Sewn Prusik from BlueWater is made with 6.5 mm accessory cord. This is another option for a rope capture in your longline pulley system.

Price: $9.50