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Adjustable Anchor Webbing Adjustable Anchor Webbing

Adjustable Anchor Webbing is the most versatile webbing on the market. Anchor holes woven in the webbing every 3 inches allow you to create any size sling for your specific rigging application. This incredible slackline anchor allows for endless applications and configurations.

Price: $1.75
Express Dyneema Sling Express Dyneema Sling

CAMP's 11 mm Dyneema® Sling is 60cm long used properly, will last for years as double draws and anchor slings.

Price: $10.99
Purple Spansets Purple Spansets

Our Purple Spansets when rigged as a basket have a Working Load Limit of 5300 lbs. Giving you plenty of comfort when rigging any length slackline. The price shown is for a 4 ft purple spanset, choose in the options for up to 12 ft.

Spansets are the best slings for attaching your slackline, longline, and tricklines to your fixed anchor point. Our spansets have a tighter tubular webbing incasing the loose filled polyester threading on the inside resulting in less material, saving on weight and space. The outer tubular webbing is made of an abrasion resistant polyester, and also resists water and mildew.

When using trees, the spansets are an ideal choice because of the design of the loose filled polyester threading it disperses the load over a wider surface area. By spreading the load and then paired with our TreeHuggers you are sure to protect our trees and our reputation as a slackline community.

All spansets are rated with the 5:1 safety factor.

Spansets are also used in multi-point highline anchors.

Price: $14.49
Whoopie Slings Whoopie Slings

Whoopie slings are a lightweight, super strong, adjustable anchor sling. Made from Dyneema HTS SK-78 from New England Ropes. These adjustable anchor slings can be adjusted from 2 ft. to 4 ft, 6 ft, or 8ft Depending on your selection above. These are a great addition to any gear bag for an avid outdoors person.

Price: $30.00