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Jasper JR Jasper JR

Younger athletes are pushing the limits more and more with great efficiency and the help of innovative gear. With climbing often leading to slacklining and vice versa, Balancing Earth decided to carry the Jasper Jr by CAMP. Now when you are on a family outing, hitting the climbing gym, or the yard wall out back your kid will be sporting the same harness as you.

*one size fits up to 29 in waist

From CAMP's site:

The Jasper Junior is a full-featured harness that kids love to wear because it is just like what their parents are wearing. In fact, with the updates made in 2014, even the colors and styling details are the same. The Sliding Belt System on the waist and legs allows the fit to be perfectly fine-tuned for exceptional safety and comfort. Newly designed auto-locking buckles on the waist and legs are easy to operate and deliver maximum friction to lock the webbing in place once the right fit is negotiated. The Jasper JR even has the same patented systems as its parent harness with the No-Twist belay loop (a special loop inside the main loop holds the belay carabiner to prevent it from shifting) and an update to our Flat Link elastic that connects the waist belt and leg loops in the rear. A special pull tab where the elastic connects to the waist delivers faster, more precise adjustment and an even lower profile. Two molded gear loops keep draws at the ready and a new chalk bag loop round out the features on this big rig built for little bodies. Note: Sit harnesses for children may be used alone only when top roping. Because kids have a higher center of gravity and less-defined hips than adults, the Jasper JR should be used with the Bambino chest harness to prevent flipping upside down in a lead fall or when rappelling.

Price: $69.95
Supernova Women's Harness Supernova Women's Harness

The Supernova women's harness by CAMP is a must for the Lady Slackliners out there pushing their limits. The Supernova women's harness was conceived and designed by women.

A harness conceived by women, designed by women, and built for women. The Supernova started as a conceptual lightweight harness for high-end sport climbing, but proved so comfortable it became the ideal all-arounder. Modified edge-load construction offers the best support-to-weight ratio, especially over time where the unique construction prevents the kind of cupping and contorting typical of other edge-load harnesses. The thin padding, profiled cut, and modified rise eliminate the pressure points commonly noticed by women while the strong materials and construction truly make the Supernova ready for any kind of climbing; from high-end sport climbing to big, bad trad

Price: $89.95