Balancing Earth Slacklines

We are a family of Slackliners who in chasing the old cliche of doing what you love we became the East Coast's premier slackline supplier.

What started as a hobby "a river line" to ride when not in his creek boat, founder Ryan Saddler discovered there was more to a slackline. The slackline he calls "instant meditation" because when that second foot leaves the ground you have no choice but to think of only that breath, that step, that moment where everything else fades. "You meditate or you fall...hard" As time went on he decided to share the passion of balance to as many people possible. He reached out and teamed up with some of the top manufacturers in the world. After reviewing/testing tons of gear and webbing, he then built Balancing Earth Slacklines. We have a passion for the sport and believe in a philosophy of putting in more than you take out. We have a future goal to partner with conservation groups to help balance the earth in more ways than just slacklining. All products are shipped and invoices are printed on post consumer products and that's just the beginning. We are also working on converting our warehouse to run on solar power.

We have something for generally every aspect of slacklining. If you're interested in the primitive slackline, waterline, tricklines, longline, yoga or even highlines we have something for you. Building your first slackline kit or replacing/adding components to an existing rig, Balancing Earth has what you need.

"Let us help you find your balance while together we Balance the Earth"

Welcome to our #slackfamily