Goals and Events

Get out, get active, and be apart of the community...

Here at Balancing Earth Slacklines we believe in putting in more than you take out. We also want to spread the passion of the sport and the joy that comes from community to everyone we meet.

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This past May Owner Ryan Saddler and Team Member David King completed YogaSlackers Teacher Training. With this humbling and adventure filled accomplishment we are ready to spread and teach the YogaSlackers pedagogy to the world. We meet with our Local Yoga Studios "Yoga in the Park" group most Saturdays and afterward set up multiple lines and spread our passion. We also meet up at other local parks every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month for Slackline, Yoga and Acro all day. We normally arrive around noon and it's hard to get us to leave before dark. So come on out and set up or hop on one of the many lines we'll have at varying lengths and heights.

We will also plan to roadtrip more up to Atlanta more yoga and slacklining in
Freedom Park. More details about this to come......

We are very proud to announce that once again we will be sponsoring the Discover Breathe Slackline and Yoga Festival
in Spencer Indiana at Stable Studios


A Slacklining and Discovery Festival is the manifestation of a dream to create a collaborative community of like-minded individuals who value balance, mindfulness and fostering a creative lifestyle. It serves to promote a deeper connection to the self - whether spiritual or physical - and the surrounding environment.
Breathe gives participants a safe and supportive slacklining, yoga and musical experience while also offering a space to nurture self-reflection. This is not just a festival, but also an opportunity to help transform from within, by engaging in physical activities both meditative and challenging. Breathe seeks to inspire the raising of individual and collective consciousness while allowing that same inspiration to spread beyond the confines of the festival.

We are very excited about returning and being apart of this community once again, we hope you can be apart of it too.... tickets can be found at the image above.