Hayley Purdom

Hayley Purdom

I moved out to Colorado to pursue an engineering degree at the Colorado School of Mines. Little did I know I would also be minoring in slacklining. Golden was an excellent place to dive into the sport. The talent, passion, and encouragement I experienced from others in the community was incredibly inspiring. Especially when I started getting into highlining.

 Nothing about highlining came easily for me.  It took time and effort. My progress would not have been possible without the support I receive from the community. The relationships I have formed make every single whipper and bruise worth it. These friends challenge and encourage me in every way and if feels unique to have friends that I can truly trust with my life.

 Working through the obstacles that slacklining presents continues to teach me so much about myself and other aspects of life. The mental and physical endurance I have gained have changed the way I learn and work through problems. It has also benefited my yoga practice as a student and instructor. Highlining especially has taught me so much about the power of breath. The body is always in the present moment, it's the mind that tends to wander. The breath is an excellent tool to bring the two back into union.

 I am incredibly thankful for the adventures and experiences I have had because of slacklining. I look forward to whats next with no expectations other than enjoying the ride. I hope to continue to progress as an athlete and as a member of the community. I have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at various slacklining events and gatherings and hope to give back to the community that has inspired and given so much to me. 

 Cheers to the slacklife!

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