External Resources

There are many external resources you can research for information not found on our website.
Whether it is a forum, a Facebook group, or Non-Profits the Slackline Community has built a network all over the internet. Listed below are several links to help keep every slackliner and aspiring slackers alike informed and safe.

Facebook SlackChat
SlackChat, one of the most active online slackline communities, is a resource for slackliners of all levels to connect, ask questions, debate gear and rigging practices, and share information about events. This open group and discussion now has over 11,000 members. Most everyone in the group is very receptive to every skill level, so please join, ask and post today.

To join and get involved in an endless discussion of slackline visit
You can also try searching your local Facebook Slackline group by typing in your city followed by Slackline or Slackers.
If you are in the South Eastern United States try any of these groups for local and active slackliners near you:

Atlanta Slackers
South East Slackliners
South Carolina Slackline

Simply put Slackline.us is the slackline community's advocacy group. Whether it's helping gain slackline access to a piece of public land, publishing articles on safety, or organizing community events Slackline.us is the best representation any group could ask for. We encourage all slackliners to join and donate to the cause of Knowledge, Access, and conservation.

From Their Mission Statement:
Slackline U.S. aims to assist in access management for the slackline community, encourage conservation, and foster safe practices in all forms of slacklining through education and community development.

The primary focus of Slackline U.S. is to support the slackline community. We do this by assisting with access management, consolidating gear and rigging knowledge and providing rigging educational resources, promoting Leave No Trace ethics, publishing conservation guidelines, organizing clean-ups and trail building projects, coordinating efforts of local groups and providing organizational support, developing outreach programs, and connecting with the International Slackline Association.

To sign up and donate visit

We work together with Michael Matrejek and the entire Chicago Slackline Association crew every year at BREATHE. They are a fantastic group of community oriented individuals who love to spread the art of balance everywhere they go. As a collective, they build a pillar for the entire Mid West to slack on! Visit their site and join for a meetup as soon as you have a chance. They are our SlackFamily.

From their site:
The vision for the Chicago Slackliners Association materialized through its founder, Michael Matrejek’s, passionate study of the mind and its integral association with the body. His discovery of slacklining in 2011 has provided him, and the other founding members of the CSA, with a tangible tool for fostering a sense of balance in this mind/body relationship.
As a non-profit association, the CSA’s mission is to use slacklining as a means to bring this sense of balance to an otherwise unbalanced world through its members and through community outreach. By creating a structured organization to facilitate the sports promotion and by providing a physical place to practice slacklining, we aim to cultivate a sense of community in the greater Chicagoland area where slackliners may come together and practice in a safe and supportive environment. In addition, the CSA strives to increase community awareness of the mental, spiritual and physical benefits of slacklining, as well as to continually evolve the sports application in the areas of recreation, rehabilitation, and wellness.

The Slackline community in the US has Slackline.us their partner company for the global community is the International Slackline Association.
Again the amount of selfless work they do, any community would be glad to have. For any International Slackline Access Questions or Slackline Questions period give feel free to reach out.

from their mission statement:
The International Slackline Association aims to support and develop the slackline community, protect access, enhance communication and informational resources, and increase the safety of all forms of slacklining worldwide.

To reach out, join or donate visit the
International Slackline Association ISA

Reddit. If you have spent any time surfing the web you have probably come across Reddit. After all they call themselves the Front Page of the Internet, and rightly so any many people's opinion. Reddit is made up of millions of /r/subreddits which are categories or subcategories of any and every subject in the universe.
This is in our external resources page for one sub reddit only /r/Slackline.
It is another great resource and community to find other slackliners eager to learn and help each other.

Join in the conversation at /r/Slackline

SlackMap is an open slackline database created by SlackMap Laboratory.
SlackMap is a great tool for slackliners all over the world. It's in Beta version and is under development and constantly being improved and added to.
Visit SlackMap's
Facebook page to interact with other slackliners
To sign up and find established slacklines, waterlines and highlines near you visit