David King
Pro Team Member David King from Macon Georgia making it look easy

David "U Can Call Me Flower" King

I played soccer all my life. Right up to the end of my freshman year of college. I gave up my scholarship and aside from a few pickup games here and there I was no longer as active as I once was. Later in life I started to practice meditation and by extension some yoga. I discovered my breath in meditation but had a hard time finding it with yoga. I knew I needed to get more active but my yoga practice was just not doing it for me. I thought about picking up soccer again, maybe join a men's league , but who has the time for that? It wasn't till I stepped onto a slack line that it clicked for me , breath and movement. From that moment on I dedicated every spare second I had to the line. It wasn't long before I mastered the standard primitive setup and moved on to the longer lines. Each new line was meet with different challenges. Thankfully I had Ryan Saddler, of Balancing Earth Slacklines, and his family to encourage me to push myself further and further. Ryan introduced me to the sport a little over a year ago. Even then he talked to me about his desire to start a business to help bring the slack community to Georgia and the South East. A few short months later he brought that dream to life. His passion has taken us on many unforgettable adventures. The Breathe festival, where we meet many wonderful people who put their heart and soul into this community. Several hikes and camping trips searching for a unique place to rig. Our first high line endeavor where we meet up with Lucas Freeman to show us the ropes. And every Sunday is a beautiful day of sharing and growth as we set up in parks around Middle Georgia.
I am happy to do all I can to share my passion for this dynamic sport, and proud to work along side Ryan, Balancing Earth Slacklines, and other slackline enthusiast.

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David King

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Moments with David King | Breathe Festival 2016 from JV Studios, LLC on Vimeo.