Dakota Collins
Pro Team member Dakota Collins from Fort Collins Colorado chasing the 1 inch dream.

Dakota Collins

I live for many things in this world but slacklining brings me the state of mind we all seek. I've been slacklining for almost 4 years and plan on slacklining until the day I die. I truly am a firm believer of “A slackline a day, keeps the doctor away!"

Highlining is my current focus in my slackline journey right now. There is something about chasing gnarly exposure, sag swag lines, and features that give you the butterflies… I currently live in Fort Collins, Colorado but am always on the road seeking new projects, slack friends and adventure. The bigger the gap, higher the spire, or saggier the line I’m always down to rig, This next few months I would like to send a 300Meter highline and rig saggier/longer highlines. When Im in the park I really like walking heavy long lines with rope backups, surfing on nylon (the type 18), and rodeo lines!

I love supporting Balancing Earth because of their true devotion to the slackline community. Great gear, amazing staff, and an incredible amount of passion towards slacklining. I love seeing the sport evolve and grow.

Keep it slack and follow up with my adventures through my blog at

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