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2 inch Flat Slackline Webbing BES 2in. Polyester

Balancing Earth Slackline's 2 inch trickline webbing is now available by the foot.

Whether you are replacing your existing Trickster Pro 80 ft or Replacing webbing on another Trickline/Beginner set up, we got you covered.

Price: $0.50
Mantra MK4 Slackline Webbing BC Mantra MK4: Flight

Our strongest and lowest stretch option slackline webbing BC Mantra MK4. Mantra is a great longline and it's low stretch makes it incredibly easy to rig at nearly any length. The weave and design of the Mantra Flight cause it's grip-ability to be superior whether wet or dry.
BC's 3 layer design, with their signature TruRound edges combined with it's strength and ultra low stretch is what makes the slackline Mantra take Flight

Price: $0.75