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Domino Crash Pad by Cassin Domino Crash Pad by Cassin

The Domino crash pad from Cassin to any slackliner or trckliner who has fallen to the ground is equivalent to a pool of lotus pedals. It is one of the largest and thickest crash pads on the market making it perfect for practicing new tricks or anyone just starting out in the sport. In the beginning getting over the psychological fear of falling can be easier to conquer knowing this giant thing is there to catch you. One of the best features at the end of a long day slackin is the side straps that turn this crash pad into a sofa!

from Cassin's site:
The extra-thick padding (5.5 inches made up of 5 multi-density layers) with a diagonal fold provides solid, uniform landings on uneven terrain. The new rugged fabric and the additional Hypalon® reinforcements on the corners and the straps guarantee strength, prevent tears, and limit stretching in the exact places where other pads tend to fail. Join together as many Dominos as you have access to for a large landing area that acts as a solid single unit when linked in coordination with the dots on the pads. The dots also serve as a catchy technical solution to highlight the optimal landing zone. The side straps are extendable and can be connected to the sides to convert the Domino into a sofa for luxury lounging. The shoulder straps are modular and allow the pad to be carried as a backpack (even features attachment points for lashing two pads together for the approach), over one shoulder like a messenger bag, or as a suitcase with comfortable handles.

Price: $300.00
Sale Price: $200.00
Savings: $100.00