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Primitive Plus Slackline Primitive + Slackline Kit

The Balancing Earth Primitive Plus Slackline Kit is a great transition into longer lines.With the Primitive Plus you can a 90 ft (30m) Slackline alone. It is lightweight and easy to set up, included in the kit is an extra carabiner and a medium size steel ring to use as a multiplier system.

Price: $168.95
Janus Pro from CAMP CAMP Janus Pro Double Pulley

The Janus PRO from Camp is an exceptional double pulley with multiple connection points. High strength multi-functional pulley for longline pulley systems. With a main attachment hole that can accommodate three carabiners, two secondary holes on the sides and a large becket. Giving endless options for backing up you rig in the park or the mountains. Prusik minding, the self-locking knot can be installed on both sides. With the large 2" sheaves, sealed ball bearings giving an incredible 97% efficiency you can easily rig up to 400ft. The pulleys are built with Aluminum alloy body and sheave with a stainless steel axle.

Price: $89.95
Dryad Pro Double Pulley from CAMP CAMP Dryad Pro Double Pulley

The Dryad Pro from CAMP is a high efficiency double pulley designed for a compact pulley system. It features sealed ball bearings and has a 92% efficiency. The large attachment hole is great for attaching to your system or anchor. The Dryad Pro like all pulleys we offer is a prusik minding pulley.

Price: $49.95
Sterling Prusik Sterling 6mm x 13.5" Prusik

The Sterling Prusik is a great tool for your gear bag. Made from 6mm accessory cord sewn and sealed creating a 13.5 inch loop.

The Sterling prusik makes a great rope grab for a lightweight multiplier in your longline pulley system

Price: $9.95
Bluewater Prusik BlueWater 6.5mm x 11 in Prusik

This Short Sewn Prusik from BlueWater is made with 6.5 mm accessory cord. This is another option for a rope capture in your longline pulley system.

Price: $9.50
New England Ropes HTS-78 New England Rope HTS-78

HTS-78 from New England Ropes is lightweight, strong and has a very low creep. HTS-78 is a 12-strand single braid rope made of 100% Dyneema Fiber and is treated with Marine-Tech coating for excellent abrasion and UV resistance and it floats. This ultra low creep line yields the highest level of performance and is great for building lightweight anchors, soft shackles, and whoopie slings.

Price: $1.21
Sale Price: $1.04
Savings: $0.17